The Missions Committee works to enact the congregation’s commitment to serving those in need by providing opportunities for members of the congregation to engage in activities which help others, and by distributing funds to worthy organizations.

Our formal Mission Statement: The charter of the Missions Committee is the coordination of Church resources (both dollars and, as importantly, human energy, time, talent and compassion) toward fulfillment of the broader mission of the Church itself in demonstration of God’s love to those in need. We devote our services to bolster specific initiatives within other Church committees and the broader Congregation, helping those both within and outside our immediate Church community. We further seek to communicate and inspire Congregational participation in select outreach activities as identified by the Committee.

Current examples of Missions activities:

Downeast Maine Mission Trip: Youth from our church and larger community travel to Maine to provide assistance to impoverished residents. The group works on improving housing (through painting and construction) and supporting migrant workers by donating to their clothing needs.

Kiva -Funds are donated and invested in a few needy small business people world-wide through Kiva, a micro-investing organization.

Loaves & Fishes-Support is given to our local food pantry through donations of non-perishable food items.  These donations are collected through-out the year with special attention given to holiday food drives.  The church also sponsors a Giving Tree gift drive during the Christmas season.

Financial Support   Church World Service, Loaves and Fishes, Disaster Relief (Through Church World Services), Heifer Project, Andover Newton Theological Society, Worcester Area Mission Society.

Pictures of our Growing Places Garden Project crew (spring 2013)